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Plainy's last weekend Oct. 21st, 2010 @ 11:08 pm
I decided a few weeks ago to not do the surgery. He's too old, it's too risky and it's time to let him go. I'm heartbroken, but it's the right thing to do. The past week, he's gotten really bad. His belly has become so big that his legs are splayed and he's having trouble getting around. He still loves his noms, but I think he's in a lot of pain. He lays down for a short while, then gets up and sits hunched over for a long time. I think this weekend is it. I love him so much.

How did I go from 3 bunnies to no bunnies in 6 months?

Plainfield Sep. 3rd, 2010 @ 11:30 pm
So, we had a follow up visit for Plainy today. Basically, this thing has gotten pretty big. Our regular vets have both moved to other practices, so I took him to one of them. She confirmed with the first vet said, which is, it's a fatty deposit, around a mammary gland. We are doing some blood work and we did some xrays today. At this point, we have two options.

1. Surgery. It comes out, and they may or may not get it all, and it may or may not come back, depending on if they get it all. It's kind of out of my price range, but I have up to 8 weeks to decide (that's how long the estimate will be good for, before they would have to do another exam and another round of blood work to clear him for surgery). In 8 weeks, I might be able to round up that much cash, and if not, there is a possible loan in the offing if I go that route. Oh, and then there's the cytology testing. Basically, they could go in, remove this thing, have it tested and find it's cancerous, and he might need even MORE treatment or we decide to advance to option 2 anyway.

2. Do nothing. The thing gets bigger (or hey, maybe it magically stops, sometimes these fatty deposits stop getting biggger). As it is, he's having problems keeping his "area" clean, and needs his cecals hand fed to him when he can't get to them. Eventually, we manage any problems with pain meds and he gets put to sleep when the situation becomes unbearable.

Sigh. See, with all the surgery and shots and stuff he's needed in the past, I told myself that we were done with all that. That he's old (he's between 12 and 14 according to all previous estimates, and the vet said today if she were meeting him for the first time, she'd guess he was 11), and didn't need to be subjected to anymore surgery or procedures. Also, it's clear he's slowing way down. He sleeps almost all the time. He's a tired boy.

And of course, there's the money. It's a chunk of change. I gave up my car when it needed repairs that were much less than this surgery. A bunny is not a car, of course, but just to give an idea of how little money there is floating around these days. Even a loan isn't a great situation, because that needs to be paid back (and there's plenty more debt in line behind that).

On the positive side, he's fairly healthy. He eats like a champ, he's sweet and cuddly and he's got the awesomest attitude and I just love him.

I genuinely want to do the surgery to keep him around longer. But I feel a mix of selfishness (in wanting to keep him around longer than he might want to be kept around) and worry about money when I think about it. But when I think about not doing it, I think I'm just condemning him to a really shitty last few...however long he has left (I've given up trying to guess how long this bunny will live. He's probably going to outlive me at this rate.)
Current Mood: confusedconfused

RIP little Gene Bean Aug. 9th, 2010 @ 10:42 am
Current Mood: sadsad

Pocky Apr. 7th, 2010 @ 08:51 pm

Pocky (2002 - April 7, 2010)

Rest in peace, my sweet girl.
Current Mood: crushedcrushed

Beagles and Bunnies... Feb. 2nd, 2009 @ 02:17 pm
So, I have a sneaking suspicion that Plainfield (my old, blind bunny) has cancer. He's always been a warty bunny, but I just noticed last night that he has two small new growths on his ears that look kind of thorny. They have the consistency of wood. You can read more about what I think it is, here:

Pictures and more on this hereCollapse )

YAY!!! Bank of America SUCKS!!! Jan. 28th, 2009 @ 05:57 pm
I had an account at BOA for years, actually dating back to when it was Fleet Bank (you know, back when they had a soul). In 2007, I had a series of transactions that cost me a LOT of money in overdraft fees. Basically, when you get gas, or other charges, they only charge you that $1 placeholder amount. Then, a few days later, the actual charge goes through. Most banks just charge you that the day that the money comes out. BOA would go back and date it the day that you were at the pump. In other words, even though the gas station didn't get paid til Jan. 23, BOA would backdate things, so you didn't get interest on it either. Apparently, it's legal, but most banks don't do it that way. The money's either in your account, or it isn't.

What happens next, is sheer lunacy. They actually re-ordered all of your transactions, so that the most expensive thing you paid for in the past few days comes out first. I'd look at my statement, and be like "Wait, I didn't go to Target before I went to Shoprite!" So, when the 20 bucks for gas comes out a few days later, there would be this cascade of purchases, where, next the biggest item comes out. Then, even though you checked your balance before you bought that salad at the grocery store, you were actually in overdraft. You'd be charged 35 dollars for each $5 dollar item you bought, even though, at the time you had the cash. I had one week where $140 came out in fees, because of this. When I called, they explained that they have no control over how long a merchant takes to process an item, and that they were actually doing ME A FAVOR, by allowing these charges to go through at all. I explained that they were NOT doing me a favor, because if I truly didn't have the money, the transaction should not have been allowed to go through, and at worst, I'd be out one salad, not $140.

This happened a few times, and I asked them to PLEASE, for the love of god, STOP allowing these transactions to go through if I didn't actually have the money. What's better, is that when I closed the account, the woman asked me if this was my first time with a checking account, and told me I'd run into the same problems again at other banks. (She said this after making me wait several minutes while she was on the phone with her son, who didn't have enough money to pay the mechanic, and she had to front him a grand. I'm assuming her nastiness was supposed to be directed at him.)

I've since changed to Commerce Bank, which is an awesomely amazing bank with awesomely amazing customer service. When I expressed concern that a similar thing was going to happen with them (a charge hadn't gone through when it was supposed to), they were surprised that any bank would do something so unethical.

I read a lot of online stories about people who had bad experiences with fees from BOA. Some were appalling. Apparently, now BOA has to pay 78 million to its customers as part of a class action suit. Everyone who had a bad fee experience is eligible for up to 78 bucks. Which, isn't much, but hey, it's something. Read about it here:


There's a link there for getting in on the suit, even if you don't remember your account number. So good. I hate BOA. I hope they fail.

Bunnies and diets! Jan. 15th, 2009 @ 07:35 pm
Not very much going on these days. Work has been a little slow, leading to smaller paychecks for us hourly folks. Bah! I'm happy to have a job at all. There may be changes on that front. We shall see.

Pocky (my girl bunny) has been so-so with her bladder issues. The medicines (in addition to being unpleasant to administer for both me and her) are ridiculously expensive. I asked the vet if we could try giving her pure, unsweetened cranberry juice. She said "Sure, give it a try."
After adding that to her regimen, she SEEMS a little better, but I won't know for sure until we bring her back in. But since it's all so expensive, I have to kind of postpone that, and just keep the meds and fluids going at home. Keep fingers crossed. She seems reasonably healthy and happy still.

The whole Flat Belly Diet thing is going well. I hit a patch during the holidays where I was averaging a family bag of Twizzlers and all sorts of other candy a day. Weight went down and up a bit. I got back on it and lost 9 lbs in 9 days. I'm not sure how that's possible (water weight, and so on, I'm sure). In any event, I like it. I like eating normal portions of food, and not feeling ridiculously full all the time. So, I intend to stick with it for a while. I set goals for each week (in my google calendar) and when I hit them, I have little, inexpensive rewards lined up. So far, so good. You can check out the blog here. http://buzz.prevention.com/community/category/crystal

Ms. Pocky Dec. 5th, 2008 @ 07:54 pm
I don't really post over on the bunny journal anymore. I think life got too busy for maintaining a split personality! But, this is what's new in bunny world, for those of you that follow that sort of thing.

Gene is fine, perfectly normal, still kind of ambiguously gay, and healthy.

Plainfield. Oh man, I could write a book about that guy. But after a lot of ups and downs and several grand in vet bills, I think he's pretty stable. He also eats like a horse and cuddles like a champ.

PockyCollapse )
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Flat Belly Diet, what? Dec. 4th, 2008 @ 06:28 pm
OK, soooo, you might have seen it on Facebook, so it's not exactly a secret. I joined something there called The Flat Belly Diet group. Basically, the folks at Prevention magazine wrote this diet book. The general premise is, eat consistent meals (4 of them, 400 calories each) and include a MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid) food in each meal.

Prevention selected 85 people to get a free book and try the diet and to blog about their experiences on it. I figured it would be fun, and if I managed to lose a few pounds (especially off the stomach!) that would be an added bonus.

So, if anyone would like to read about my experiences with that, the blog is at http://buzz.prevention.com/community/category/crystal .

I start the diet officially on Monday. Woo hoo!
Current Mood: amusedamused

My confusion grows... Sep. 5th, 2008 @ 02:45 am
So, BBC radio had former house majority leader Trent Lott (R) on tonight. He was talking about the convention, and said that Republicans have lost their way in the past bunch of years. The interviewer asked, "But...weren't you a part of that?" And he said, "Well, yes, but in the 90s, we did a lot of good things, like welfare reform, but since 9/11, we've become about things that we shouldn't have, like big government and such. That's why we shouldn't elect the Democrats, because they'll just compound the mistakes we've made." And she's like, "Uhhhh, so, you agree with John McCain's policies?" And he's like, "Well, not always. I disagree with him a lot." She's all, so you endorse a man who disagrees with your politics?" And he's like, "Well, that's what I like about John McCain, you can have a good argument with him." I turned it off at that point.

So, we should vote for the party that got us in this mess, even if we don't agree with their policies.

I have a theory about this election. They're giving us the absolute train-wreckiest ticket. Then, in November, McCain/Palin will win, despite all the crazy that's brewing over there. And the point will be, "We could have a hammer and a piece of string (R) running against Jesus Christ (D) himself, and we'd still win. So stop trying, we've got it in the bag. Democracy has been a joke from the start." OK, ok, I really don't believe that, but I'm kinda getting nervous.

Also, the other night I was reading the wikipedia entry about Palin, and it said (I copied it to send to a friend):

"Palin eloped with her high-school boyfriend, Todd Palin, on August 29, 1988, when she was 24 years old.[6] Their first son, Track, was born eight months after their wedding.[121]"

Five minutes later, I went to link a friend, and it said:

"Palin eloped with her high-school boyfriend, Todd Palin, on August 29, 1988, when she was 24 years old.[6] Their first son, Track, was born eight months after their wedding.[121]"

I guess it's not ok for us to know about all that pre-marital sex she and her daughters like to have.

And last, but not least, there were a few days last week, when I became convinced that Bobby Jindal was going to be the VP nominee. He's another unbelievable wingnut. When reading HIS wikipedia entry, I came across this little gem, under "Writings":

"Jindal’s pre-2001 writings include several articles in the New Oxford Review, one of which dealt with the subject of exorcism. In that 1994 article, Jindal described witnessing a friend seemingly being possessed by a demon. However, at the end of the article he questioned whether he actually witnessed spiritual warfare.[48]"

Form a line, kids. There's more than enough crazy to go around.

McSnooze Sep. 5th, 2008 @ 12:30 am
I tuned in to watch what the Republicans are calling "the next President of the United States" deliver its speech. I don't know what I expected, but some old guy came on and started talking over and over about how he was a POW a hundred years ago. Next thing you know, I woke up in a puddle of my own drool, and there were balloons and confetti coming out of the sky and a lot of weird rich old white people moving their bodies jerkily to country music.

Did I miss anything?

Sep. 3rd, 2008 @ 08:22 pm
I'm so confused.

Basically, they don't support a woman's right to choose, and they don't support teaching kids about birth control. They only believe in teaching abstinence.

So, if your kid gets knocked up, she's a whore. But if their kids get preggers, it's a "blessing"?

So God only blesses Republicans?

Here is some information... Aug. 6th, 2008 @ 10:31 pm
I am feeling blah. Whatever the part of the brain that processes emotional stuff, is clearly scrambled and I need a vacation. I think the past couple of months have just made me feel overwhelmed and now I'm not really sure what I feel about anything.

I am going to Miami this weekend. Actually, I'm leaving Friday, and coming back on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it's not really a vacation, as two of those days will be spent driving, and a lot of that time will be spent packing/moving/settling, etc. (Not me, my life isn't THAT exciting.) In any event, it will be a change of pace and an excuse to get away and see something new.

That's really all. I wish I had something more awesome to report. Oh, except that some rockin' people opened my eyes to the awesomeness of Wii, and I will be getting one soon.

"Just the Facts" Jun. 19th, 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Stolen from dbang:

You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

First name: Crystal

Age: 35 (for a few more days, at least)

Location: Jamesburg, NJ

Occupation: Proofreader for big pharma (at least for a few more days)

Partner: Buppy, for about a year and a half now

Kids: No, thank you

Pets: Bunnies: Plainfield, Pocky and Gene

School: Rutgers University, 2007, BA in English

Siblings: One Brother in NJ, one in upstate NY

Parents: Dad in NJ with his wife and son, Mom in upstate NY with my brother

Health: Actually, better than ever, I think

3-5 Biggest Things Going On Right Now:

1. Bup's home for the summer, so that's awesome

2. Possible career-related changes upcoming (in a good way)

3. Desperately need a new(er) car, so researching that nonsense

4. After 2 and 3 settle down, I'd really like to move. Somewhere human. Possibly New Brunswick.

Here is a post.... Mar. 5th, 2008 @ 10:58 pm
I started to post here, but it sounded like a whole bunch of "I'm so awesome." Instead, I'll just say, I don't drink coffee anymore. Or soda. Or smoke. I think I'm officially really old.

Star Wars Guide to the Candidates Jan. 22nd, 2008 @ 05:59 am
Hillando Clintrissian!


Fun, cute game Dec. 2nd, 2007 @ 02:24 am

Just going through my bookmarks, and found this again. Sooooo cute.

I'm usually kinda quiet about this stuff, but... Nov. 16th, 2007 @ 04:01 am
Someone really awesome is in NJ for 11 days. It makes me pretty happy.

Oh my effing god..... Nov. 15th, 2007 @ 03:06 am


Newt Gingrich is awesome??? Aug. 4th, 2007 @ 04:35 am

Really, I don't know what to say.
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This is the third time in 4 months that I've had the exact same throat infection. The cultures from the first two confirmed that it wasn't strep. The first one (in June) lasted so long (10 days) that they tested for mono and epstein-barr too. All negative.

This go-round got me a killer antibiotic and percocet (score!), and likely I won't go to work tomorrow (went in this morning, started some work, but left to go to the drs. and never came back. Looks like a five day weekend for me!

Also, I got a referral to an ear nose throat guy. Looks like maybe the tonsils might come out. Scary. I've never had any kind of surgery. The idea of being sent home with a throat full of gauze creeps me out.
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"Muslims in many countries protested, sometimes violently, Benedict's Sept. 12 address at the University of Regensburg in his native Germany, saying the speech linked Islam to violence. Palestinian churches were firebombed and a Roman Catholic nun was murdered in Somalia." -Bloomberg News

Um, so let me get this straight. If your people are accused of being violent, the way to convince the world that this is not true is to blow shit up and murder people. Sounds like their PR manager is asleep at the wheel.
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I saw Shakira last night at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. For starters, it's a great place to see a show; there's not a bad seat in the place, except maybe on the floor, which is not where our seats were.

Wyclef opened, whatever. I didn't really care much, except he is a far more talented guitar player than I knew. I just wanted to see Shakira shake her ass.

Shakira. OMG. For starters, she's hot. Even my mother vowed to go lesbian for Ms. Shaki. If you would not go lesbian for her, you clearly have vision problems or are already a man.

She was incredibly amazing. She sounded amazing, she looked amazing. She did a lot of her older stuff as well as the obvious La Tortura and Hips Don't Lie. She bellydances like a mother fucker and it is quite clear that she is the most batchtastic thing that ever lived.

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled lives.
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I have a million things to post. Literally, a million. For now, I am done with my 14 year undergrad. Done, done. So I am a pretty happy girl. More to come.....
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The internets explained by those who understand it best.

PS. Jon Stewart is dreamy as fuck.

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Live music (including the von bondies and franz ferdinand), hot sex (quite graphic) and lovely footage of antarctica make 9 Stories one of the hottest little movies of all time.

» Ugh, this is an outrage....
This kid and his family have decided not to continue pursuing chemo for his Hodgkin's disease, instead pursuing "alternative" therapies. The court has granted half custody to the state and ordered him to undergo another round of chemo next week. God bless america.

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» Putin explains kid touching....
Oh, thank god he explained it. It's so much better now!!!

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Don't people realize that C-SPAN catches everything?

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» Sick
I am so sick right now. I started to get a sore throat on Friday. By Sat. I knew it was strep. Sunday, I was referred to the ER by the Rutgers health center. That's where you have to go when the health center is closed. The ER gave me a prescription for penicillin, which I've been taking for over two days now. I have slept non-stop for about three days, and I am worse now then I was when I went to the ER. I have an ear infection now too. I have not been this sick in ages. Tomorrow I go back to the health center to follow up on this.

All wishes of wellness and sympathy are greatly appreciated. I feel like a flaming wreck of life right now.
» An amazing fucking day.
So, I had a job interview today. It's a marketing/PR position for an advertising/marketing firm. To be honest I wasn't very excited at all. But I got there, and the place does all this Bollywood promotional stuff for movies, film stars, etc. It's incredible. They do promotions and product launches all over the US. By the time I left the interview, the position had morphed from intern and writing press releases to, "Would you be willing to fly to Boston/LA/DC to coordinate product launches?" Hell fucking yes! This firm has been in Time Magazine and they used to run a magazine that had on the cover Sarita Choudhury (Mississippi Masala and Kama Sutra). I am so freaking psyched. Please pray to Vishnu or whoever that I get this job. It was supposed to be 20 hours a week, but it looks like there will be a lot of overtime, too.

After I left the interview, a bus pulled up next to me. Some kid leaning out was giving me what looked like a rude gesture. I thought he might be telling me to jerk him off, but then he modified it for a car, and I realized he wanted me to honk my horn. I did and he and his friends were all cheering and waving. Very cool.

Then, I got home and checked my grades. I had gotten a B in business writing, but I got three As besides. Woo Fucking Hoo!

Seriously, this day is so fucking awesome.
» The end is so near I can taste it...
In exactly 5 hours 27 minutes, my Contemporary US Anthropology professor (the biggest idiot who ever lived) will post the essay questions for our final to Web CT.
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lj-user=ohcrapimonfire>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

In exactly 5 hours 27 minutes, my Contemporary US Anthropology professor (the biggest idiot who ever lived) will post the essay questions for our final to Web CT. <lj-user=ohcrapimonfire> are you just giddy with anticpation over this unbelievable crapfest that is about to be unleashed???

After that, my break begins, and for that I am truly grateful. This semester was my LEAST stellar endeavor to date, but it was in general a very good semester as far as balancing social, academic and work obligations. It will be good to get the summer classes over with and move onto whatever comes next.

Oh yeah, and I wish death upon insomnia tonight.

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I owe mike a mr. pibb and some red vines for showing me that.
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Someone at my school has stenciled the below image on the sidewalk outside the art museum. That's right, bitches! It's Bob Fucking Saget! How cool is that? More importantly, how can I go about finding this person to express my admiration? Everytime I see this, I laugh hysterically. I mean, there's a Bob Saget stencil in the world. Someone took the time to lovingly transfer his image to the sidewalk. And no one messes with it. No drunken frat boys writing "DICK" on his face, nothing. It's left there, under the cherry blossom tree, for all to admire. And now it's here for you all to admire.

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